Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I seem to have a slight obsession with checking somewhat religiously... especially the dogs at HHS. I like to see which dogs are new and which have been adopted (yes, all of them are adopted... happy endings only in my mind). I had asked about Tulsa the other day at the shelter because I noticed she had been there several weeks, but hasn't been posted on Petfinder. Well, she's on there now. This lil heartbreaker just lays in her cage staring at you with huge Puss In Boots eyes. When I opened her cage, she just slid towards the back and cried. So I carried this big baby outside and all she wanted was to press up against my leg or beg for a belly rub the entire time.

The picture of her isn't so great, but she's such a cutie! Awesome pattern/coloring in her fur and a lil baby face. The front desk gal told me that someone potentially wanted to adopt her, but Tulsa needed to go through a temperament test first. Apparently whenever someone goes to reach in her cage, she "wants to rip your arm off." Um, this big baby begging for a belly rub? Uh huh, sure. I understand some people "connect" with dogs better than others and I strongly believe that dogs are a great judge of character... but if this dog is trying to rip your arm off, you're probably pissing her off. Same with Cheetoh who was supposedly biting volunteers and customers. People, connect with your inner Dr. Doolittle and approach these dogs with a little more TLC. 

I also found my other heartbreaker from Monday on Petfinder. Honey is the Chihuahua who was all skin and bones and very scared. Luckily her picture makes her look a little healthier because I'm pretty sure I would start crying again. 

Clay, I've decided we need to buy a ton of land with a huge barn or something so I can start saving all these animals from tiny cages, rationed food and no love... because they all break my heart. 
Honey is a female Chihuahua.


  1. Agree Andrea. You and Clay need more property so you can have your own Rescue and Lexi can have a lot of playmates :)...or should I say the kiddos since we all will have animal lovers. Shelb


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