Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sweet sacrifices.

Oh Lent... hello, again. Can't say I enjoy this time of year, but alas, it's something I have to do. Like years past, I am choosing to forgo sweets until Easter. Honestly though, I debated whether to sacrifice sweets or do something new this year. Not because I couldn't make it through 40 days before, but more so because I find it so tiring explaining my decisions to the non-believers. Like a stand-up comic (whose name escapes me) once joked, lowering your sugar intake is hardly comparable to our Lord's ultimate sacrifice. Well duh. But like millions of people who can't control their portions, pass over that chocolate bar and who eat their feelings, I love food. Chocolate in particular.


So, for the millionth time over the last handful of years, let me clarify EXACTLY what I'm giving up. Sweets, to me, is defined as cookies, pies, cakes and candies. Eating banana chocolate chip muffins for breakfast in the morning, is simply that, breakfast. This is not a loop hole, this is not me being weak. If chocolate enters my mouth and does not fall under one of the four pre-mentioned categories, God won't judge me... so you shouldn't either! (You know who you are).

So yeah, there's my Lent rant. Good luck everyone with your Lent goals and feel free to pass along any non-meat dinner ideas... because I get really tired of tuna and perch. Take care loves. xoxo

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