Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pet Expo Table Top Display

Finally finished with the poster board for this weekend's Pet Expo! Ran into quite a few more snags than intended, but it's done and I think it came together pretty decent for what I had to work with. I had everything sized and laid out thinking that this board they gave me was a tri-fold. Whoops. Guess I should've cleared away all the cat hair stuck to it and opened the case to get a better look. Then the second I had everything laid out and pinned down, I got a facebook message from HHS saying that Poptart was adopted this evening. Yay Poptart and his new home, but boo screwing up my layout.

I wish the Pet Expo didn't fall on Clay's birthday. I'd really like to go, but should probably take the hubster out for his 27th birthday instead. (Damn, you're getting old there Mr. Clayton). Wow, I can't believe we started dating when he was only 17. A whole decade ago. Where does the time go?

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