Friday, March 25, 2011


Happy Friday everyone! And by Happy Friday, I mean thank God this #@%&?! week is over! What a crappy week this has been, but thankfully I have a weekend full of game nights and spending valuable time with Miss Zayla (whom I am dogsitting for the next 4 days, woot woot!)

1. If you had $1,000 to donate to a charity, which would you choose?
I would most definitely give it to a charity to help the furry kids because, let's face it, sometimes I love dogs more than people. I have such a hard time feeling warm fuzzies about certain charities only because not everyone benefiting from that charity is actually "in need." Ya know? Some people are just lazy and let bad things happen to them in which they should not receive handouts. The poor pups are at the mercy of people and I don't hold them responsible for the rough life they may lead. So support the furry kids!!

2. Snow days: Do you welcome them happily or are they a pain in your butt?
Unlike most kids, snow days didn't mean no school and go back to bed. For me in high school, it meant get up, try to get ahold of my coach, figure out what time practice was going to be and then stomach the fact that practice could now go as long as the coach wanted. In college, it still meant dragging myself to the computer/senior lab to meet with groups and continue projects and working on my portfolio. I feel like snow days in the real world are a little unsettling because I would never want my boss to think I was blowing off work and possibly could've made it in. I've had 2 snow days since college and spent both of them working longer hours at home than I would've in the office. Go figure. The only plus to a snow day now is indeed working from home. Goodbye high heels and dress pants, hello sweats and bandanas!

3. What talent did you wish you had and why?
I so wish I was a nerdy lil techie. I wish I understood how to code HTML and didn't tremble with fear at the thought of the digital world. Sigh. Oh web, why must you cause me such grief?

4. Are you a news, politics or celebrity gossip junkie?
Celebrity gossip junkie hands down. I can entertain myself in the checkout line for hours with a copy of People or Us Weekly. Sorry news and politics... not for me.

5. What is your favorite “cocktail”? 
I love a good frozen ice cream drink. Ice cream, candy bits, Kahlua... whatever else you wanna throw in the blender... nom nom! Favorite drinks of all time: the Dirty Banana and Jamaica Smile from my honeymoon. Filling, fattening and oh so nummy.
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