Friday, February 25, 2011

Finally up and blogging!

Man, do I wish I were more tech savvy. I was so proud of myself for dabbling in some HTML to create and launch a new portfolio site a couple weeks ago, that I wanted to go ahead and start a personal blog with the same look and feel as my site. What I thought would be a simple task turned into a two week long headache. Blah!

Enough dwelling on that. I'm up and running and really excited about my return to blogging. I was one of those brides that kept a wedding blog up until the wedding, then gave it up and started married life.  ...but I kinda miss it. I love to write... er, type. Some days I just need to share/vent what's on my mind. Plus, with my parents living several hundreds of miles away, I figured it would be a good way to stay connected to them and other family members/friends I don't get to see that often.

Speaking of parents M.I.A... my mom is home for the next handful of days and I'm super excited about that. A girl's night is planned tonight with mom, Ashley (sister) and myself in Muskegon. The rest of the weekend consists of my grandpa's and twin cousin's 13th birthday party and a handful of my nieces, nephews, sister- and brother-in-laws are making there way to Holland for a much needed card night. I love card nights and luckily so does Clay and both of our families. I wish we could find some people in Holland who like to kick back on a Friday or Saturday with a cold drink and a deck of cards. Any takers?

Well, I won't go overboard on my first post. Besides, couple of things to wrap up at work and then I'm outta here! TGIF. Take care everyone and have a great weekend!

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